Survive (and Thrive!) During these Tough Times with Open Source

Many business executives are looking for more ways to cut costs during these tough times and have a mandate to “do more with less.” Open source software fits the bill perfectly as it has little or no upfront costs,.

This year may actually be a turning point in the adoption of open source software as projects steadily mature (think Linux and MySQL) and interest among corporate users grow. A

  • “companies must have a policy for procuring OSS, deciding which applications will be supported by OSS, and identifying the intellectual property risk or supportability risk associated with using OSS.”

Despit these challenges, it is clear that time and current circumstances are on the side of open source, and adoption is only expected to increase within the next couple of months. Besides the US, adoption has been strong in Western Europe, and the growing economies of India and South Asia, East Asia (China and Japan), and to some extent Southeast Asia. Besides large corporations, target markets for many open source vendors include Small and Midsized businesses.


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