Globelines SMTP Settings – Globelines sucks!

This post is basically a rant for something that is really dumb. For some time now it seems that my ISP, Globelines, has cut off sending mail to other SMTP servers by blocking port 25 for their regular DSL customers. Apparently they have posted that this was done to avoid sending spam out through the Globelines network. (Why they can’t just install some sort of email filtering solution, authentication, or allowing relay only from IPs within their IP pool when sending via SMTP is beyond me). To get around it, apparently you had to avail of a Static IP (Globe gives out only dynamic IPs) which costs an additional Php 600 monthly.

Well this has happened to me and I’m really pissed off about it. For one thing they didn’t bother to notify their subscribers about the change. Some sort of email advisory or notice along with the billing  should have been done. What really sucked was I figured maybe they would allow SMTP connections via port 25 on their own SMTP servers. I searched using Google (simply because the customer support page in their website was useless and tech support couldn’t understand what I wanted to do) until I found that somebody had posted a manual for using the Globe Broadband service.

From there I had the bright idea of using the webmail SMTP settings ( as my SMTP server. I tried it out using my desktop mail client (I’m using Thunderbird), and wonder of wonders my mail client would connect. I tried sending out an email and it seemed to go through. Content I made it my permanent setting and used it whenever I was sending large files from home (I normally use webmail but would refrain from using it when sending files as it was such a hassle to attach files as my upstream connection from Globelines sucked even more!).

Well apparently this was a mistake because although the SMTP server would accept the connection–it did not send it out (which is again dumb). I had to learn this the hard way when some clients complained that they were not receiving important emails from me.

It’s a good thing somebody posted the correct work around (which nobody bothered to post on the Globelines website or to update customer service with). You can change the port of your SMTP settings in your mail client from port 25 to port 587 (I discovered this from comments in a Blog post for crying out loud!) and it should work.

Somebody should really take Globe up to task for their lousy service. Maybe you can sign up for an online petition here (which is for another issue entirely but maybe you can join the fight?). The lousy thing is there is little choice as there is a lock in period and some ISPs are no better or even worse.

If everyone there is experiencing the same thing let me know!


22 Responses to Globelines SMTP Settings – Globelines sucks!

  1. jpabellon says:

    Just found this from a Google search. If you really want to complain about the blocking of port 25 you can contact: Mr. Paul Dumindin at
    +63 917-7978181

    • FrustratedUser says:

      Jp, thanks for your post. I’m using globe tattoo at the moment since my regular ISP is not in service. I was able to send mail from Outlook Express using the smtp of my email server (yahoo bizmail). Thanks to your suggestion of changing the port number from 25 to 587, it worked!

    • sIR,

      Maraming maraming salamat po, dahil dito nasagot na ang problema ko, hindi ko na kailangan pang iwan ang laptop ko sa ofc. pede na rin akong makapag-e-mail sa bahay using outlook.

      Mabuhay ka!

    • Nestor S. Reyes says:

      It seems all the telecoms companies have areas in which they suck. However, I am using Globelines and my DSL sems to be working fire, with some periods of no connection. My landline however, now has had a busy sound when you lift the receiver to call. This has gone on for a few days already. I’m not behind in my payments but I get this treatment anyhow. It is frustrating. Do you think this would qualify as sucking, for Globelines?

  2. diwadm says:

    I think almost all of the major ISPs block SMTP traffic. And you are forced to use their outgoing mail server. It sucks because you need different outgoing mail servers for every network.

  3. jpabellon says:

    Hi Diwadim. Its OK to use the ISP’s own SMTP mail but Globelines blocks even that! It blocks all traffic to port 25 even to their own SMTP servers. It didn’t use to be that way. But the issue here is they didn’t even bother to advise their customers. Although a workaround was available, as I mentioned in my post, it was not properly disseminated to support–leaving many customers in the lurch.

  4. skunk says:

    Try using a free smtp server. I’m currently using “Free SMTP Server”. Website is
    If you can’t beat ’em, work around ’em. XD

  5. Niel says:

    I’m experiencing the same problem. It was very bothersome when it happened late last year to our globe connection at home. Now that I have globelines DSL in our office too, it’s impossible.

    Somehow, the solution you posted doesn’t work. Any tips?

    And I agree, globelines sucks.

  6. jpabellon says:

    Hi Niel

    It still seems to work for me. Perhaps you can also check the comments here for other suggestions?

  7. Aldo says:


    Nice post. Good thing I have someone with me on this fight / reklamo against Globe Innoves lousy after sales service and maintenance stuffs. You are right, other ISP’s are not even a better choice and they have that lockin period. I’ve read some post on how to deal with this type of sevice I’ll look it up and send it. Maybe that would also work for us. Its about how to deal with this situations by reducing the monthly bills. hehe

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  9. Gino says:

    used port 587 and it worked perfectly. tip: do not use as your smtp server.

    • claire says:

      what should i use as smtp server if i wont use

    • rain marti says:

      hi I used 587 but still did not work.. im quite interested to ( do not use as your smtp server). what can I use here?

  10. Dennis says:

    we’ve been a customer for as long as i can remember ng globe landline, and for globelines broadband mga 2 years na. pero sobrang pambabastos ang ginawa nila sa amin. nagoverdue kami ng bayad for a month tapos i made it a point to settle on the day na sinabi nilang puputulan kami ng phone/internet, pero after payment, dinisconnect nila kami ng walang abog abog. tapos nung tinawagan namin to ask for reconnection, sabi ng magaling na call center person, 24 hours, na naging 48 hours, na naging 72 hours, na naging hanggang ngayon (more than 4 days na). araw araw naming tinawagan at inupdate pero sa sobrang pagkaincompetent nila, at pagkagahaman sa pera, walang nagawa ang mga magulang ko kundi magantay ng reconnection.
    ipapadisconnect ko na ang landline ng globe, pati internet nilang mabagal. ang daming option dyan. imagine 2 years naming tiniis bayaran ang 1800/month (nung kinuha namin, walang promo promo) at the astounding speed of 20 kbps (i have the screenshot of the speed test to prove), pero ganun ganun na lang kaming bastusin ng globe na yan.
    i discourage anyone to avail of this very customer unfriendly service from the most inconsistent and most unreliable service provider.

  11. anthony says:

    so, this is the reason why i cant send email using my mail sender and outlook.ive been thinking the whole day of there any alternative solution to this?pls feel free to post it here or send me an email thx.

  12. Peter Pot says:

    -That is if you don’t want to experience having no Internet FOR DAYS.
    -Sometimes they fix your Internet and will only last for 2 days.
    -if there is a rain, you will not have internet again and it will last FOR DAYS.
    -it goes like this: internet connection on for 2 days, then internet connection OFF for 5 days, then on again for 1 day and OFF for 7 days, and so on and so forth.
    -ALL people in INNOVE are INCOMPETENT FOOLS together with the contractors that they hire.
    -most of the “management types” that you may encounter in INNOVE are INCOMPETENT, ASSHOLE, RING TAPPERS!
    -RING TAPPERS –> Definition: Ring Tappers are so called for the annoying habit of many of them spending too much time pointing out that they graduated from [insert elite sounding school here] and not enough time demonstrating the skills they (supposedly) learned there. Specifically refers to the practice of tapping the school/college/university grad ring against stuff, as if by idle habit, in order to draw attention to it.


  13. mathias says:

    hey guyzzzzz!!!!!!

    i have the same problem as u( A BIG PROBLEM)…and i already tried to change the port 25 to 587 but still it doesn’t work…sometimes i have the connection of the internet and after a day it suddenly disconnected…we called the customer service and after 48 hours the technician came here but he don’t have any idea how to fix this problem and said he will follow-up this kind of problem to his superior…oh, i didn’t know that this problem was historical, i thought that if we can have this kind of connection(DSL) i will have escaped the broadband stick….but u know the broadband stick(smartbro/tattoo) works rather than this promising landline/dsl connection…

  14. mai says:

    sick and tired calling globe technical I made my own research

    ou may want to check this site. Since I am sick and tired calling Globe call center regarding SMTP setting.
    I made my own research why Globe SMTP is not working.

    In this site just put your globe IP address and you will know complete details
    why our Globe SMTP is not working.

    In start menu click run , then type 25

    if you see black , definitely globe is blocking our smtp port 25.

  15. james says:

    I spent 2 days finding what to do.. 587… damn thats a pain in the arse.
    Hate you globe for ruining my life!
    Thank you for fixing my life. I can live again.

  16. Mitch Ellis says:

    Hey Guys

    Just a quick heads up, if you have a gmail account you can use there smtp server to send mail from your own email client like outlook or thunder bird. These are the settings you need:

    Server Name:
    Port: 587
    Connection Security: STARTTTLS
    Authentication Method: Normal Password

    Happy Sending

  17. karla says:

    i have tried all recommendations i have read so far in the net on how to send outlook emails using globe tattoo broadband but no success.. still could not send. im now using port 587 but i could not find the most appropriate SMTP server to successfully send the email. Unfortunately i do not have gmail account, only yahoo… Can anyone please give me tips on what to do?

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