Open Source Vendor SugarCRM Embraces Cloud Computing in a Big Way

Open source CRM vendor SugarCRM is one of a few companies to embrace open source and cloud computing in a big way. When SugarCRM first came out, they immediately offered to provide the software as a service online–similar to, with the important distinction that you can choose to download and host the software yourself if you want. Larger organizations who want to roll their own hosted software service for customers can opt to use a special package called the SugarCRM Data Center Edition.

Just recently SugarCRM launched a new way to meld Internet services and open source software by launching Cloud Services and Social Feeds. These new Cloud Connectors for SugarCRM allow for company and contact data residing in other cloud environments to be called and presented in SugarCRM. These services include such sites as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and Crunchbase. The Sugar Feeds feature on the other hand provides a Facebook-like rolling set of notices and alerts based on activity within SugarCRM.

SugarCRM is interesting to watch because of the pace of innovation they bring to open source and how they unabashedly marry commercial interests with the altruistic motivations often-associated (rightly or wrongly)  with open source. From the looks of things they seem to be succeeding.


4 Responses to Open Source Vendor SugarCRM Embraces Cloud Computing in a Big Way

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  2. I’m not sure how new this is…. what exactly is their new offering, in relation to cloud hosting?

    We offer sugarCRM and have always arrange the hosting, in the cloud, ourselves…

  3. jpabellon says:

    Hi Anton

    With their cloud connector offerings, basically you can pull or link data from various cloud-based services such as LinkedIn and Zoominfo. They are also providing a tool for cloud service providers to manage multiple, distributed instances of SugarCRM. So this isn’t just cloud-based hosting.

  4. I don’t think it’s just a cloud based hosting.

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