Seth Godin and Tom Peters on Blogging

Why business gurus Tom Peters and Seth Godin blog. Really interesting and insightful.

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Interesting Service: Business Summaries

I’ve been using this new interesting service called Business Summaries, and basically what it does is it gives users access to business book summaries in PDF, Powerpoint, PDA, and HTML, and now even in Mindmap, Video and Audio formats. Its specially well suited for folks who need quick doses of ideas and insights from some of the leading business book authors today.

I find the service particulary useful as I am an avowed business book junkie. Just check out my collection here.  I often don’t have the time (nor the resources) to buy all the books I want, and the summaries *in some cases but not always) offer a good substitute.  If there is a book I really want, I use it to get a feel of the content to see if its really worth it. For those books I already own, I use it to very quickly remember the key points of the books specially if I want to share the ideas to my colleagues (here the Powerpoint and Mindmaps are useful).

Their selection of titles is impressive, just some of the summaries available when you sign up include such best sellers such as:

Inside, books can be searched by Title, Author and Category. When you access a summary, you are presented with links to the PDF, HTML, Powerpoint, PDA, Mindmap, Audio and Video formats as well. The site also offers a daily summary sent via email.

I wish though they would have made the sign up process a little easier (I had to hunt around the website to find out more information about their different packages). Perhaps more thought and work into making the site more usable would be helpful here–as the pages seem to me were designed for maximum search engine friendliness and not human friendliness. While the website is not as slick and feature-rich as the sites from other similar services such as getAbstract and SoundView, it offers a nice balance of features and content for the price. Overall its a good value.