Globelines SMTP Settings – Globelines sucks!

This post is basically a rant for something that is really dumb. For some time now it seems that my ISP, Globelines, has cut off sending mail to other SMTP servers by blocking port 25 for their regular DSL customers. Apparently they have posted that this was done to avoid sending spam out through the Globelines network. (Why they can’t just install some sort of email filtering solution, authentication, or allowing relay only from IPs within their IP pool when sending via SMTP is beyond me). To get around it, apparently you had to avail of a Static IP (Globe gives out only dynamic IPs) which costs an additional Php 600 monthly.

Well this has happened to me and I’m really pissed off about it. For one thing they didn’t bother to notify their subscribers about the change. Some sort of email advisory or notice along with the billing  should have been done. What really sucked was I figured maybe they would allow SMTP connections via port 25 on their own SMTP servers. I searched using Google (simply because the customer support page in their website was useless and tech support couldn’t understand what I wanted to do) until I found that somebody had posted a manual for using the Globe Broadband service.

From there I had the bright idea of using the webmail SMTP settings ( as my SMTP server. I tried it out using my desktop mail client (I’m using Thunderbird), and wonder of wonders my mail client would connect. I tried sending out an email and it seemed to go through. Content I made it my permanent setting and used it whenever I was sending large files from home (I normally use webmail but would refrain from using it when sending files as it was such a hassle to attach files as my upstream connection from Globelines sucked even more!).

Well apparently this was a mistake because although the SMTP server would accept the connection–it did not send it out (which is again dumb). I had to learn this the hard way when some clients complained that they were not receiving important emails from me.

It’s a good thing somebody posted the correct work around (which nobody bothered to post on the Globelines website or to update customer service with). You can change the port of your SMTP settings in your mail client from port 25 to port 587 (I discovered this from comments in a Blog post for crying out loud!) and it should work.

Somebody should really take Globe up to task for their lousy service. Maybe you can sign up for an online petition here (which is for another issue entirely but maybe you can join the fight?). The lousy thing is there is little choice as there is a lock in period and some ISPs are no better or even worse.

If everyone there is experiencing the same thing let me know!