Interesting Post: SysAdmins Gone Wild

This is an interesting post from the Royal Pingdom blog. They put together a collection of true-to-life stories of System Admins gone wild:

Royal Pingdom » The inner threat, 6 real-world cases of sysadmins gone wild

When it comes to the ability to do damage to a company, few employees have
more power than sysadmins. Deep system access and inside knowledge is a
necessary part of their job, but when things go bad between employee
and employer, some very sensitive situations can arise.

Here are six real-world cases of “sysadmins gone wild” that all ended up in court.


Ingres Posts Video on Open Source Security in Youtube

It looks like open source DB developer Ingres is doing a bit of guerrilla marketing launching a video campaign on Youtube to dispel the myths around open source software. For their first video, they are tackling commonly held myths around the security of open source software.

Check it out here: