Bayan’s Lola Techie Campaign for Sky Broadband and Sky DSL

Lola Techie commercial from Bayan, a Filipino ISO. One of the more effective viral and traditional and new media marketing campaigns I have seen in a while. Great concept and execution.

In the commercial Lola Techie or “Techie Grandma” is having a webcam conversation with an unseen grandson whom she chastises for not sharing more Youtube videos or not replying to her Facebook chats. She has even resorted to “Super Poking” the grandson on Facebook and will soon “dropkick” him on the popular social networking site. You can follow Lola Techie on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites. Kudos to the Bayan marketing team for actively posting and managing her different profiles to create a community online.

Interested in seeing Bayan post the results of this campaign if it is able to actually contribute to generating interest in Bayan’s Sky Broadband and Sky DSL service.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Friendster Now Available in Tagalog

This just in. Friendster has just announced that the service is now available in the Tagalog language–the most popular language in the Philippines. The language will also be available to the mobile version of the social networking site.

According to David Jones, Vice President of Global Marketing at Friendster:

“Over 90 percent of all Internet users in the Philippines are currently using Friendster, which is an order of magnitude larger than any other social network in the country. Launching support for Tagalog on the Friendster web and mobile sites will help us maintain our leadership position in the Philippines and within Filipino communities around the world.”

Friendster also announced the ability for advertisers to target ads on Friendster based on the language preference of the Friendster user. Now advertisers can choose to target ads on Friendster via geographic location, age, gender and/or language preference.

It seems at Friendster is set on looking for new emerging markets to get users and advertisers. Not a bad strategy in today’s touch advertising market. With less than 15% of the Philippines’ 90 million people online–they still have wide leg room to grow. Already they are the #1 social networking site in the country (with Multiply and Facebook not far behind).

Besides Tagalog, Friendster is also available in Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Malay,Thai and Vietnamese. Together these languages account for over a billion speakers worldwide. It remains to be seen if they can convince advertisers to grow their adspend with them considering the miserable click-through rates of advertisements in social media sites.