Spoke at the 3rd Mini Web Design Conference

I spoke last January 22 at the 3rd Mini Web Design Conference held at the Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology (CIIT). Went with officemates Rowel, Jorge, Rubie and Elvin.

Spoke a bit about this new CMS I have been playing with called Concrete5. Was able to give the attendees, who numbered about 40+ (not so mini after all =), an overview of what Concrete5 is all about, its features, a bit of history, and what makes it unique. Afterwards I gave a demo–converting an existing site I had to the CMS engine in less than 10 minutes (with a one minute pause as I lost my voice in the middle of my presentation). Mia Sereno, who I think is one of the organizers of the event, has a very nice visual summary of the event (which she calls sketchnotes) that is really worth checking out here.

Hopefully this will help people give more choices for tools to use on their web design projects, and I think I have been successful getting at least one convert.

Other speakers there were:

  • Alfredo Palconit (http://alfredo.palconit.com and http://webdesigner.ph) – who gave an entertaining talk on his experiences with SEO and Web Design
  • Regnard Raquedan (http://www.raquedan.com) – (a guy who I keep bumping into in conferences and talks, most likely because he is that rare breed of developer/designer who can articulate well his thoughts) who gave an AIM/MBA-level talk on Pricing Your Web Design Work
  • Jojo Esposa (http://deafphilippines.wordpress.com) – who is an expert on accessibility with his projects who gave a talk on How to Write a Good ALT Text
  • JP dela Torre (http://www.pigmata.com) – who seems like another smart and articulate guy (and entrepreneur as well) who gave an insightful talk on Overview on front-end optimization and best practices
  • Eugene Alvin Villar (http://vaes9.codedgraphic.com) – who introduced us to blogging platform TextPattern

The conference finished a bit late but good thing there was free food. Went there to learn new things and hopefully get some of the attendees to join our organization.


3rd Mini Web Design Conference

For those who haven’t heard yet… This is the 3rd Mini Web Design Conference organized by the PWDO

WHAT: <form> function() & .class3rd Mini Web Design Conference

WHERE: 5th flr. CTTM Square Bldg, Timog cor Tomas Morato, QC. (view map)

WHEN: January 22, 2009, 7:00PM


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