History of ERP

The Open Source ERP Guru put together an informative history of ERP applications:

ERP History | Open Source ERP Guru

It all began with 5 IBM engineers from Manheim, Germany , working nights and weekends on the next big thing in software: ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning. The year was 1972, and the business software world was a spaghetti of systems, vendors and technologies. Departments could not communicate with each other because their software systems spoke different languages. Babel tower of custom applications. SAP was about to change everything.

They even have a Flash-based history timeline. Go check it out!


25 years of the Mac

I love this cool graphical timeline from Wired:

Mac 25-year Timeline

Mac 25-year Timeline

History of the Internet

Found this on Youtube:

“History of the Internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.

You can see the credits for this movie on

Watch it now: